The innovative solution for modern networking. With Stuncard, you can effortlessly share and exchange your contact details, website, social networks, documents, and more. How? It's simple. Utilizing built-in NFC Technology or a quick QR code scan, potential clients can save all your contact information with just one tap of a button.




You can customized your digital profile to
complement your brand and card design

Cover and Profile Photo
Your Name, Company and Profession
Contact details - phone, email, website, etc.
Social media profiles
Attachments such as PDF brochures and surveys


We provide Logo custom Logo Creations for local and international businesses and brands. We understand our clients' needs by building appealing visual identities. Connect with us to elevate your brand's image.



Plans and Consultation leads to success, we offer practical advice and strategic guidance. This includes helping clients identify their target audience, define their brand identity, and develop effective marketing strategies.


Branded Card

With individual designs, we create Logos and Business Cards that are in harmony with your brand identity.

Our cards are made from durable, sustainable materials which are water resistant and do not scratch easily. Finally finished with gloss or matte foil which is classy and stunning.

Why Choose Stunland?

  • Be Cost-Effective: Eliminate the costs associated with printing, designing, and reprinting paper business cards. Once created, you can distribute your details to unlimited number of people without any additional expenses.

  • Be Eco-friendly: By choosing Stuncard you contribute to reducing deforestation and the carbon footprint associated with printing and paper waste.

  • Be Innovative: Provide a modern and engaging way to connect with your clients.

Step 3

Download, Open Contact File to Save Contact

For Android

Contact Us

Make sure your phone screen is on

Step 1

Hover/Tap on middle back of the phone

Step 2

Step 3

Download, and Save Contact to your Iphone

For Apple

Contact Us

Make sure your Iphone screen is on

Step 1

Hover/Tap on Top back of the Iphone

Step 2

Digital vs Paper



Cost Effective

Environmentally Friendly

Unlimited Information

Real-Time Updates



Inconvenience for Digital Contacts

Cost of Printing and Reordering

Environmentally unfavorable

Design Limitations

Difficulty in Updating Information

Prone to Loss or Damage

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